OFVI ABC presentation National Biogas Stakeholder Workshop, Uganda 2024 (EN)Presentation by Hans Langeveld of the OFVI project at the National Biogas Stakeholder Workshop in Uganda. This presentation covers the principles of using a biodigester, bioslurry, and Bioslurry-Enriched Compost (BEC), and impacts of these organic fertilizers on soils and crops. The workshop was a great success thanks to the hosts and organizers: GIZ-Endev, SNV Uganda, Biogas Solutions Uganda, and NEMB-Uganda.Watch the presentation, from 3:02:00
OFVI ABC presentation Sahel meeting 2024 (FR)Proceedings from the OFVI consortium presentation at the ABC Sahel meeting in Cotonou, Benin. The members of the OFVI consortium (Biomass Research, SNV, and DibCoop), presented key OFVI achievements from 2023, plans for the upcoming two years, and gathered inputs from ABC partners and implementers.
Presentation introduction to OFVI – ABC project 2022 (EN)Presentation by the OFVI consortium (Biomass Research, DibCoop, and SNV) introducing the strategy, goals, and plans of the OFVI-ABC project.