The OFVI project has been developed by three organisations: Biomass Research, DIBcoop and SNV Netherlands. This consortium brings together a unique combination of experience in development, soil and crop management with a strong link to bio-slurry implementation and business development as for example captured under the Africa Biogas Partnership Programme (ABPP). By pooling their experience in bio-slurry and compost training, business development and supply chains, the partners provide an unmatched source of technical knowledge, local experience by local presence, project implementation and management.

The consortium is led by Biomass Research, a qualified project leader, supported by DIBcoop, an experienced agro-ecological business developer with a strong track record in Africa. SNV is providing its extensive network and 30 years of experience with bio-slurry application and valorisation. SNV also provides an operational basis in each of the target countries.

Activities are implemented in close cooperation with the proposed National Partners which have rich experience in working in this field: Africa Bioenergy Programs Limited (ABPL) in Kenya, Biogas Solutions Uganda Limited (BSUL) in Uganda, and National Bio-digester Programme (PNB) in Burkina Faso. For Mali and Niger, SNV assumes the role as national parnter via its national offices in these countries until a suitable national partner has been identified.